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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

from tools team

Here is the reason why Everyone are locking
as quickly as  possible their positions (FREE)

-It pays out 100% commissions - Yes 100%!
-It pays 100% Matching Bonuses - Yes 100%!
(uplines really motivated to spillover to you now!)
-It pays regardless if you sponsor or not.
-It pays thru a forced 4x10 matrix (plenty of Spillovers + $978,000/m potential)
-It pays $5 /month for all direct referrals! That's 25% commission for starter
It cost way Less than a cup of Dunkin coffee a day! 
-State of Art, Marketing Tools no one has, and everyone needs

Think of all the spill your upline/downline  will send below you as they attempt to capture the
100% matching bonus. 

The Generous  payout, will allow people  to even  PIF'ing serious
referrals to capture their  100% match.

People who don't know how to refer will naturally refer or PIF others also
to capture the 100% matching bonus.

You may have heard of Tools Teams. If not, then it's the system used by many
large marketing teams (some with half a million members).

This 2.0 version brings more tools and training than ever before to explode
anyone's downline.

Get your FREE position "locked in"  before your contacts contact you, Now!

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